6 Instagram Marketing Tips For Companies

When we started our Instagram Printing business in late 2013, we felt that it was the perfect solution for companies to advertise their company events on Instagram. Being the first Singaporean company to introduce the service to the market, we have acquired ample knowledge and experience over the years to understand what strategies work and what doesn’t.

According to Hashmeta, Facebook is the top social media network in Singapore with 3.8 millions registered users, which is closely followed by Instagram. Singapore alone has 70% of social media penetration; more than double the global average of 26%, with every 1 out of 2 Singaporeans uses social media to make a purchasing decision. These statistics simply prove how important it is for your company to jump into the Instagram marketing bandwagon (if you haven’t already).

Hence, here are 6 marketing tips that we would like to share with you in order to boost your next Instagram campaign:

 1. Be sneaky advertisers


Sponsored Instagram advertisements can be easily ignored. Instead, have your customers post photos of your event or roadshow onto their Instagram accounts for all their followers to see. The likelihood of looking at a photo with someone you know in it is much higher than looking at a random sponsored advertisement. Furthermore, you are more likely to trust the reviews made by your friends and family than a company blatantly promoting its product. Hence, our Instagram Printing booth can help to spread the positive word-of-mouth about your event through your own customers. Pretty sneaky, aye?

 2. Mix online and offline marketing together

With our Instagram Printing booth, you can enjoy the benefits of both online and offline marketing. While flyers frequently end up in the dustbin, printed Instagram photos won’t. You can be sure that your advertisement (printed together with the customer’s photo) will be kept or even displayed. The design of the photo prints can be fully customised to include you company logo, colours and messaging.


Here are some ideas to make your ads even ‘stickier’:

a. Create coupons or vouchers out of the Instagram photo prints

By adding a monetary value to the printout, customers will see more reason to keep your ads safely and use it in their purchase.

 b. Create fridge magnets

Have you ever received a fridge magnet from a random property agent with their photo and contact details on it? I’ve never hesitated to throw away those magnets. However, if my face is on it, I would more likely display it on my fridge (and forever be reminded of your company).

 c. Stickers for EZ-link cards

Make those photo prints stick! With our sticker photo paper, you can have your customers stick their photos and your ads onto their EZ-link cards. They will be looking at it  frequently too.

 d. Bookmarks

Bookworms out there will appreciate their photos printed as bookmarks, specially designed by you.

3. @tags, #tags and Geo-tags

First of all, make sure you have an official company account so your customers can follow and @tag you when they post their photos. Hashtags (#tags) are best reserved for the event names so that you can have a unique #tag for every event you run. Geo-tags are for customers to tag the location where the photo is taken. This is especially useful for retail stores, restaurants and hotels.

Why are these tags important?

They are important because they categorise and group information, making it easily accessible. Instagrammers who would like to know more about the event, product or service that your company is offering can simply click on those tags posted by their friends who had just used our Instagram photobooth. As much as possible, hashtags should be short and self-explanatory.

 4. Create Instagrammable Events

Instagrammers are  always looking for opportunities to capture colourful moments in their lives and keep their friends updated.  This is why hipster cafes are such a hit, whereby food presentation and décor are regarded as important as the taste. Create Instagrammable events by paying extra attention to details such as having a sumptuous buffet spread, mascots and live performances to add onto the excitement and create more photo-taking opportunities.


Customising the backdrop and props that your customers can use to pose with is another great way to ensure that your company’s brand or products will be featured in their photos.

5. Give meaningful feedback and comments

Talk to your customers on Instagram! Engage them by giving meaningful feedback and comments on their photos. This will add the personal touch and help to build a positive relationship with your brand.

Too much of a hassle? Don’t fret! Our Comment Management System allows you to like photos and leave comments on photos taken at your event automatically.  Hence, you won’t have to manually like or type comments to each and every single photo in the attempt to engage your customers. However, our system can also be moderated such that personalised comments can be posted on selected photos posted by your customers. This will help to retain the authenticism.

6. Understand the Analytic Reports

With our Instagram photobooth package, you will be given a free online Data Analytics Report which accurately measures the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. In this report, you will see the number of followers that you’ve gained, the photos that attained the highest number of  likes and comments and who the top users are.

Sample of analytics report

Our software can also be tweaked such that users will have to follow your Instagram account first before they can print out their photos at your event. By identifying the key influencers, you can proceed to engage them further by inviting them to future events, giving free samples and even treating them to exclusive promotions or discounts. Engaging key influencers are important so that they will spread the good word and recommend your products and services to their social circles.

These 6 tips are just some strategies for you to create a great Instagram marketing campaign. Do not be overwhelmed, and if in doubt, just contact us to find out more about how our Instagram Printing booth can help you. As we write our own software, we are more flexible in meeting your needs. All the best!