5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unforgettable With Instagram


Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime affair and it is that one special day in your life when you will be treated like royalty. All eyes will be on you and everything has got to be perfect. The to-do list will be never-ending, from saying ‘Yes!’ to the dress to choosing your centrepieces, planning a wedding can be tedious and sometimes stressful too.

Weddings in Singapore are a proud showcase of the multi-cultural society that we live in. They are beautiful opportunities for us to learn and experience the various traditions and customs of the different races in Singapore.

Malay couples are regarded as the King and Queen during their wedding day, and they are expected to throw a celebratory feast for the “village”, which explains why HDB void-decks are the popular choice of venue as well as the 1000 names in the couple’s guest list.

The customary ‘gate-crashing’ by the Groom and brothers into the Bride’s house, as well as the Tea Ceremony, are some of the highlights of a typical Chinese wedding. The Groom and his brothers will be subjected to possibly ego-crushing and arduous tests, from eating tubes of Wasabi to military push-ups, much to the amusement of the Bride and her sisters.

Indian weddings are truly an up-beat and colourful event which may feature Bhangra and Bollywood dancing that keep the guests on their feet. Now, wouldn’t it be a waste if these special moments weren’t captured and preserved in photos which you can look back on fondly to reminisce?


There is a limit to the number of photos taken by your wedding photographer. Moreover, he can’t be at many different places at once which may mean that some of the action won’t be caught on camera. Hence, we thought of 5 useful ways for you to make the most out of Instagram to ensure that all these beautiful moments are not lost forever.

1. Post behind-the-scenes photos of your wedding

First of all, you will have to choose a unique hashtag for your wedding. Looking at the current trend of weddings today, it will be a combination of the couple’s names. Something like #JohnxJenn or #SureshSelviWeds.

Next, select one of your bridesmaids and one of your groomsmen to be your very own social media paparazzi. They are tasked to take behind-the scenes shots of you and your partner, getting ready for the wedding and posting it real-time. This also includes the preparations that you and your partner had undertaken before the actual wedding day such as getting your Henna done, choosing your wedding decor etc. Your future self will thank you for it.

2. Project live display feed of photos

To increase the interaction among your guests and to keep them entertained throughout your wedding, consider projecting a live display of your Instagram photos. Your guests will also be posting photos at their tables and around your wedding venue, and you can experience the joy of your own wedding from their point of view.

3. Give your guests the option to print their Instagram photos

The best momento you can give your guests are photos of your wedding day. Hence, set-up an Instagram Photo Printing booth as an option for them to print the photos instantly. This will also keep them busy and entertained, even during possibly awkward moments when they are sitting at the table with people they may not know.

4. Have your guests write in a guestbook

Wedding gifts and photo album

Wouldn’t it be a pity if you don’t have a copy of those Instagram photos too? Thus, be sure to set up a guestbook for your family and friends to paste a copy of their printed photos and for them to write their well-wishes.

5. Guests who weren’t able to make it, won’t feel left out

What about those guests who weren’t able to make it to your wedding day? As long as they know your unique hashtag, these guests will be able to post their photos and videos together with their well-wishes. Your relatives who are currently working or studying overseas will also feel like they are a part of your wedding, as they view photos collectively posted by your guests.


Printaparty.sg provides Instagram Printing with Live Display Feeds and Guestbook service for weddings. You may have read our earlier post on how companies can take advantage of our Instagram photobooth to boost their Instagram marketing campaign. However, the focus of our service for weddings is not to market it but to capture as much memories as possible, and preserve them for generations to come.

Talk to us if you are interested to have an Instagram Printing booth at your wedding today. Congratulations and may your wedding planning journey be a success!